Carol Little

Saturday Night

Stealing furtive,
but thorough,
through darkened lenses,
I caught your eyes
searching mine.

Chance encounter
night excursion
drawn in
without warning
heart races
air catches
fumble for my inhaler.

Flaxen strands,
fragrant softness
teases my senses.
Lost in you
all details blur
in a nervous haze,
feverish energy
pounding bass
drum beat
pulls us together
for the same touch.

Put your arms
around me
so I can stop pretending
that you aren’t
my dreams materialized,
an ethereal dance floor fantasy
under cheap laser lights.

Can’t turn back,
shyness overcome by
rum and coke bravery,
I have no
past or future
dancing with you,
with now;
you could
talk me into

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