Catherine Zember


With death of night
Within the sparrows flight
I fall to my knees
Words of a hopeless man
Beg beg and please
Taken to mute by the reapers breeze
As watered down of life
Poison set
Out lays oak shined casket
Of my sweet sweet Colette
Death do not take her away
I beg and pray
But hope and heart betray
Shall reaper win
What a deadly sin
To take the breath
Upon her lips
To crush her lungs
Take the flame within
And I see while on my pathetic knees
A smile
A grin
From the reaper that took the win
An ill Colette
Lay still as brick
That day at dawn
Darkness hit
As sunlight lit
The world awake
The world above took Colette for sins sake
Took soul and joy
I seem still a boy
Only a shell at that
While the reaper’s attack
As morn’s light crack dark’s vale
In same dark won
Took both Colette
And mind
For I weathered by age
Will doubtfully forget
The morn death took
My sweet sweet Colette

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