Clint Avery

Ad: Dresses

He used to be my world, now he’s just a stone grinding me into nothing. I try to support myself; wearing this crutch.
The years have blown by, the way my dress used to blow in the wind; I haven’t been able to change for some time.
My daughter is turning five, she can’t wait until the big day; I promised her a new dress. She’s so beautiful, looks just like me when I was her age. I used to love when my mother got me a new dress to wear. I felt so free when I twirled around in our backyard as my dress danced in the air.
He wants to leave us, says there’s an ad in the paper about work out of province. I don’t say much, other than “whatever makes you happy”. He’s gone by the end of the week.
I don’t want to ruin her birthday. I tell her daddy is going away for a job and he’ll be back as soon as he can. She says “that’s okay, we’ ll get new dresses together”. I tear up a little and smile at her.
The next day, browsing through the newspaper, I come across an ad:


Hand made, custom dresses now
available. Many styles and sizes to
choose from. Free alterations.

Maybe a new dress will change the way I feel. I called the number to inquire about the address and a recorded voice over the line said “You’ve always been the beautiful dress, never change who you are”. I hung up, walked into the backyard and began to twirl in circles. My daughter joined in, laughing and asked “Mommy, what are we doing”? I told her we’re wearing our new dresses and that we’ll never change.
…We’re free.

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