In My Mind

Depressed and alone. It is six pm
Laying in bed all day once again
Thinking about life. What is the meaning
What is my purpose, i’d rather be dreaming

My dreams so vivid. It is an alternate demension
Happy and free. Like my mind released all tension.
Then i awake. The thoughts start flowing
How do people go through life without knowing

Is it just me or is society all out of wack
Money holds so much power we fake a religious attack
What is really the truth behind 911
So many people suffered so many gone to heaven
Would you give up a stranger’s life for a million bucks
Does money drive us that much? if so, our society sucks

Now my brain is on a roll, i can not stop the thinking
why do people give up their dream without even blinking
Does money mean more than doing what we love
In the end we all die one day and go up above
We are young so let us live our life to the fullest now
Why wait for retirement when we move as slow as a cow

So many stressed out and depressed because of their job
People say suck it up. It’s life. Stop the sob
But i can’t. it’s a chemical inbalance in my brain
it’s like me saying to you to step between the rain
You continue to look at me like im insane
You’re so ignornant it is such a shame

My mind so beautiful nothing you could ever attain
Wish you could see what i see, would you remain
Or would you think about suicide like me
I used to think that it would set me free
But changed my mind and wanted to be
Family and friends they were the key

My greatest battles are still with my mind
Using them to motivate me on this grind
So keep your head up and fight for what you believe
You know your mind is stronger so you will achieve
Do not let anyone say you can’t
This is the end of this rant

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