This website is operated by Deirdre Kessler in her capacity as Poet Laureate of Prince Edward Island.

Acknowledgements and thanks

Special thanks to David Helwig for initiating this site in January 2008; also to past laureates Hugh MacDonald and Dianne Hicks Morrow for their many contributions.

Unless otherwise stated, all rights to text, audio, or video versions of poems on this site are reserved by the author.


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As of April 2016, the site has been extensively modernized, offering full smartphone and tablet compatibility and compliance with disability access standards. (see below for more information).

Here are some common user issues and their solutions:

  • Poems will display differently depending on the width of the browser being used. In particular, lines of text will wrap on small devices such as smartphones.
  • We use style rules to create the effect of indents. These are calculated in ems (a variable measure which depends on the font being used). This gives a good result on visual browsers which support stylesheets,
  • All our audio and video is now viewable on platforms which do not use Flash; your browser will detect whether you require the Flash or the non-Flash version. If neither version runs automatically on your device, there is also a download link. File types are mp3 for audio and mp4 for video.


For partially sighted users who use screen reader software, alternate navigation links are given at the beginning of each article. These links are also useful for text-only browsers such as Lynx.

Relative font sizes are used to assist those who use larger font sizes by default. We have attempted to make the site easily navigable for users with motor disabilities, but welcome your comments if any problems are encountered.

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