Dorothy Griffin-Farish

Theme and Variation

Who am I really?
I know that I am a woman
Older, but better,
But is that all that I am?
I am a human being
composed of body and spirit.
The body sagging in spots;
The spirit still young,
Interested in life all around me.
Music, books, country life
are a part of me.
My being is not so concerned with
the material things that money can buy,
but with things that no amount of money can buy.
The joy of living!
And a strong sense of my place in the universe
as a child of God.
I don’t feel the need to run the world
or justify what needs to be done in it.
That is not my job.
My job is to be the best self I can be
with help from above.
Without that help
I amount to very little.
To answer “Who am I, really?”
I’m not sure.
I’m still becoming.

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