Elizabeth Roach

An Angel Earns Her Wings

A shy smile and her eyes glow with a twinkle
Like those little lights on a Christmas tree.
A sideways glance and a tilt to her head
She actively listens while I speak.

Dropped into my life on a summer breeze
Smelling like wild flowers and fresh shampoo.
Have I known her in another life?
Like a sister she settles into my heart.

She needed hugs once upon a time.
Reaching girlhood, she stumbled along the way
Searching for the path to redemption and salvation
While trying to temper her growing anger.

We dance by the campfire and sing out of tune.
The starry night sky our stage.
The wine flows and our faces glow
Our laughter floats echoing over the water.

Her beautiful spirit surrounds and blankets us.
She takes another young girl under her wing.
At least for tonight breaking the cycle
While admiring young eyes look up to her.

Do Angels earn their wings in heaven?
Or maybe right here while on earth?
God knows how she ever reached here and now
Without earning her wings along the way.

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