Fran Hayden

Stairway From Heaven

While standing upon a stairway
That leads to heaven’s door
An angel stops and looks upon
The world as ne’er before
She sees the hungry children
The lonely and the poor
The sick and broken hearted
Whose lives they can’t endure

A single tear rolls down her cheek
Her heart begins to break
As Satan walks the earth again
In evil he partakes
Preying on the innocent
Helpless souls devoured
He stalks the world by dark of night
This vile, malignant coward

The angel makes her way back down
To walk upon the earth
To touch the hearts of those in need
To teach the Lord’s rebirth
She gives them hope and promise
Of better days ahead
With strength and courage in their souls
They fight where once they fled

It wasn’t long till Satan felt
The angels work at hand
His anger rose to heights unknown
Her work became more grand
Hell’s fires soon receded
Depleting Satan’s might
Because of People’s trust in God
The Devil lost his fight

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