Gladys MacDonald

Changing Seasons

As spring sets on a sunny March day,
the birds they sing in everyway.
The trees they bloom with their awesome leaves
and the grass it sighs with gentle ease.
The lakes they trickle under the hot, warm, sun
and that’s when spring has begun.

Then the summer comes with it hot, dry, air,
the humid summer begins to flare.
The flowers smell as you walk by,
especially lilacs, and that’s no lie.
Swimming and jogging are also fun,
filling your days with feeling young.
So enjoy your summer while you still can.
Its beaches, barbeques and picnic plans.

The fall of the year comes into place
with its falling leaves and chimney sweeps.
The air grows cold and the winds blow strong.
The nights are so very long.
It’s not far off, for you can see
that winter is upon you and me.

Now winter will come with its northeast winds,
bringing cold noses and frozen chins.
Icy roads will follow too
and lots of snow to plow through.
Winter days will soon pass.
Gone will be the paths of glass.

Spring blossoms with honey bees,
little birds and apple seeds.
Summer arrives with flowers and sun,
making beaches extremely fun.
Fall creeps in with its colored leaves
and beautiful sunsets that put you at ease.
Winter comes with its northeast winds,
bringing snow and ice and a chill within.
Changing seasons come into play,
like you and I, they’re here to stay.

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