Hugh MacDonald

Picture Puzzle Poem

1. A very funny summer clown
joined a parade in Charlottetown.
She had two funny floppy feet
which got all wet on Water Street.

2. Mommy growls and starts to pout
cause kitty’s fur is falling out
I bet that she’d get much much meaner
if we didn’t own a vacuum cleaner.

3. He lent his shoes
to his golfer son
who promptly got
a hole-in-one.

4. Mirror mirror in my hand
it’s fun to make my head expand.
But then again I really think
it’s also fun to watch it shrink.

5. He loved the sizzling summer heat
and burned the bottoms of his feet.
The road was like a frying pan
each toe a tiny sausage man.
And every night he liked to dream
of squishing toes through soft ice cream.

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