Inge van Opbergen

as one

they’re young
like puppies

yet mature
and aware
of their path
just married
gently loving

their puppy-dog
in love with
the newborn
bending down

we see them leave
little dog dancing
on her leash
the three of them
kindred spirits

like once
on these rolling hills
and red-green plains
in these forests
Indians and horses
rode as one

flowing from one
into the other
on their island
in the ocean
Arctic wind melting
into Caribbean breeze

one breath
a union between
animal and men
sea and land
body and spirit
heaven and earth

© Inge van Opbergen
Prince Edward Island 16.06.14

Why do I, a lady from Amsterdam send in a poem?

Why? because I fell in love with the Island
visiting Dutch friends in lower Belfast.
In fact they’re Canadians now.

The velvet air took me by surprise in Halifax.
As did the gentleness of the people.

On the island this appeared to double.
Never thought of a place in your part of the world
as relaxing; a place where people have time
to tell stories about ancestors, about the effect
of a full moon on the snow. Time to talk about
everyday life as if it were grand.

To weave on winter nights. In fact, I realized,
this boils down to cherishing life and connecting …

Inge from Amsterdam

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