J. J. Steinfeld

And Furthermore

It frightens me when I awake
and I’m not the same person that fell asleep
a few uncertain hours before
nothing drastic, not like that poor Kafka creation
in “The Metamorphosis”—a giant insect,
misunderstood big time,
for me, more like too large or too small,
though always the same number, thankfully,
of arms, legs, and fingers,
but sometimes so disproportionate
as to make me question the laws of science
and God’s sense of proportion
then there is the question of silence
being unable to speak
thinking that I choose not to speak
not enough words to describe
my transformation
and furthermore
when you blurt out the truth
about the miraculous
you can get locked away
or put in a poorly lit sideshow
where you get paid very little.

[“And Furthermore” was first published in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine (Vol. IV, 2007).]

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