Jamie Galpin


Ghouls, goons, ghosts and goblins are eating up the night with no problems.
Coyotes worshiping the vibrant moon, which will stream light upon the earth very soon.
Lighting the realms with cyan and teal.
Casting potent shadows that creep and crawl.
Should you be worried at all?

Zombies are the true deceivers, they carry along with their drunk demeanor, so raw looking and cold to the touch.
They’re swaying, swinging and swatting at air, they surely don’t have a single care.
They do have an urge, an itch so divine that carries them in its enticing hand and gives them the sin that no man has.
The screams of wives pregnant with fear, bleed through the trees and hit the zombies empty ear.
No one can elude this grasp – the stains of night and fright which snares us all.

There’s nothing truer than the facts I just told.
Or would I fib and be so bold?
Is there any parting advice that will keep you safe at night – warm and content?
I will tell you this.
With evil sins no one will adore you.
So be kind to trick-or-treaters, it could be a goblin before you.

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