Ken Williams

Tales of a Foodolic

I wanted some food, and bought it.
I took what was there to eat,
whether fruit or veggies I took it
and placed it all on the seat.
I wanted some food and got it
and gained a few pounds that’s all,
and now I lived to regret it,
because I bought the wrong food after all.

There’s right and wrong food to eat,
the choices are not always clear,
carrots, potatoes, corn and beet.
But do they go well with beer?
There’s right and wrong food to eat,
Weight Watchers tells you to beware
veggies, bread, milk and meat
and for some reason I don’t even care.

You want to stay healthy (good reason).
You may feel very fat at first
and hate it from season to season
and then you are ‘worse than the worst.”
I wanted some food and I bought it.
It has made me a little bit plump.
It didn’t do what I thought it,
and now I have a big rump.

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