Margot Maddison-MacFadyen

Things to Do around Charlottetown

Call hel-lo, hel-lo to raucous birds at a crow ceilidh in Victoria Park.

Breathe sea air deeply.
Hold it.

water, lustrous, like the satin lining of abalone shell, shimmers
seagulls drift on soft puffs of air
a crimson boat races, its sails trimmed tight

Let it go.

Give two bucks to hungry youth hunkered down by the Post Office.
Give ten more.
Get lost on Richmond.
Get found on West.
Walk up and down Queen.
Look for the Bog and never find it.

Slip off shoes.
Eat moon cakes at Winnie’s Tai Chi Gardens.

a small Maitreya Buddha smiles
a potted philodendron climbs the wall, circling conversation
someone at the corner table sighs, her eyes miniature lotus flowers

Put shoes on.

Visit BIG art at the Confederation Art Gallery.
Purchase a first edition signed copy of Pride’s Fancy at the Bookman.
Take a ride on a trolley bus.
Skip classes at Holland College
or UPEI.
Pray at noon.
Sing Amazing Grace, quietly.
Look for a friendly tree to love.

Slide into seat.
Devour yabrak at Shaddy’s Mediterranean Cuisine in the arbor by the lane.

voluptuous grapes beckon
pendulous, they wink mischief, rustle leafy nests above
“Pluck us,” they whisper, purple, succulent, forever unabashed

Climb out of seat.

Read The Buzz
get hip.
Buy Island Sunshine free-range eggs and Wood Islands maple syrup
at the Farmers’ Market.
Imagine happy chickens, fine in feather
a verdant treetop canopy, in fine fettle.
Visit Mike in the Culloden Hills Artisans stall.
Admire golden-grained wooden bowls polished with a poet’s soul.

Stand at counter.
Gobble spiced potato samosas at Out of Africa with a taste of the world.

jostled by frenzied samosa lovers, pushed by feverish spice addicts
“Excuse me!” one says, elbows up, desperate for just one chillied bite
“Please do go first,” says another, exercising pay-it-forward caution

Step away from counter.

Read a poem at the Haviland Club Tuesday night.
Resist (or feast on) a Marilla’s truffle at Anne of Green Gables Chocolates.

Sit on Victoria Row bench with Sir John A.
Imagine the past in the future.

poke him in the eye for Louis Riel, for Gabriel Dumont
poke him in the other for Big Bear, for Poundmaker
poke him in both for Shubenacadie, for the others

Stomp a silent jig of protest.

Call hel-lo, hel-lo to raucous birds at a crow ceilidh in Victoria Park..

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