Mary Cudmore

Sunset & Sunrise

Fields of golden grain sway gently in the breeze
A hush on the land, save for a rustling of leaves
Birds have taken flight to roost through the night
All nature settles down accompanied by the sight
Of a golden globe setting deep in the western sky
Spreading its crimson,shimmering glow far & nigh

A glorious wonder, from whence and where has it come
Mother Earth wrapped in the warmth and glow of the sun.
There is nothing more precious which can be outdone
Then the source of this gift from the Almighty One
We praise and thank Thee Everlasting God on High
For without the sun, we would all surely die.

When the sun sets in the west and darkness rolls in
The sound of silence envelopes and suppresses the din
Of everyday life, and the hustle and bustle we live by
Daily we toil and each strives to just make our way
But now the sunset signals the end of another day
God watch over, protect and keep us in His care
To rise once more and witness the glow of the rays
While a magnificent sunrise heralds another day.

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