Mary Doyle

My White Picket Fence


The white picket fence, that he built around our home
Before I became his bride;
that white picket fence meant much to me,
Before we lived side by side.

That white picket fence, showed splendor so rare,
It showed a man so true,
That white picket fence said this to me,
“I love no other but you”.

That white picket fence around an old cottage
That was bought to be home for two;
So we took the house and make it a home,
And all of our dreams came true.

A white picket fence is a memory to me
Of two people so deeply in love;
God bless the dear hands that built us a fence,
I’ll meet him, some day up above.

Mary A.T. Doyle
Written in November 1973 shortly after his death.

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