Nathan Carter


Sun shines through dew drops
spattered about paper thin leaves
growing anew, from a blossoming tree
as the roots spread beneath the soil

air is becoming warmer
plants begin a new life after
being ravished by the
cruel winds of winter

sun is beginning to fade
long days turn into memories
leaves slowly drift to the ground
air is turning colder

luscious colors that once filled
the sky lay dead on the ground
colors that they leave
make the time seem joyous

days become longer
youth run wild with excitement
sun shines brightly in the blue sky
air is warm and full of joy

this time of year make many remember
a time of happiness and loved ones
plant life is very vibrant
unaware of their soon coming demise

long nights bring about short days
snow which covers the ground
shimmers in the evening light
all becomes frozen as if stopped in time

this is known by many as a season of
torment filled with depression
I see this time as a chance to slow life
down for a quick moment

as the world quickly turns
we fritter away time as though
we will not run out
though the changing of seasons reminds
how fragile time is.

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