Poet Laureate at Queen Elizabeth Elementary School, 17 June 2013

Poetry workshop at Kensington schoolBack Row (L to R): Katelyn Mountain (Grade 6 teacher), Jennifer Brant (Literacy Coordinator), Stephanie Thompson (Grade 6 teacher), Callie Champion, Shianne Adams, Dianne Hicks Morrow
Front Row (L to R): Hillary MacLean, Emily MacDonald, Taryn Caseley, Zachary Cole.

The Summerside Journal Pioneer has an excellent writeup of the Poet Laureate’s visit to Queen Elizabeth Elementary School in Kensington.

“A Kensington classroom was the sight of a most uncommon occurrence on Monday morning – excited children raising their hands to volunteer to read excerpts of poetry.

“All the adults in the room agreed, it was nearly unheard of when they were the same age as these Queen Elizabeth Elementary School sixth graders. Yet here they were, stretching to get their hand higher than the kid across the room to grab the attention of the lady at the front of the class.

“Diane Hicks Morrow, P.E.I.’s Poet Laureate, smiled with a surprised pride as she called on students to stand and read their poems.”

Read more on the Journal-Pioneer website.

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