Poetry Month open mic, Tues April 8, 2014

After taking a March Break anticipation was high for the Poetry Month Open Mic, April 8, at the Haviland Club. Due to illness, featured guest John Smith, PEI’s first poet laureate, was unable to attend, but hopes to read at the June Open Mic.

Instead, current laureate Dianne invited everyone to take a blank sheet and write a short poem about what the word “spring” brought to mind (this howlling, rainy night). Then she attempted the impossible—to fill in for John Smith, PEI’s best reader. She bravely read some of her very new poems, in forms new to her: sijos, pantoums and villanelles, most in a humorous vein. Themes included becoming a grandmother, at last, and the horrors of the worst winter in years.

During intermission, everyone had time to work on their clothesline poems and to pin them on the clothesline running the length of the Great Room, to be read aloud by each poet end of the evening.

Ten readers signed up, eight of them reading their own poetry.

See the clothesline poetry photos below:

540px-002Cindy Lapena reading her clothesline poem during the Poetry Month Open Mic at the Haviland Club on April 8, 2014.

540px-001The other end of poetry clothesline, with blurred poet laureate behind the wonky camera

540px-003Dave Morrow, visiting from NL, reading his poetry line contribution, with Kathy Birt and Betty Jenkins listening.

540px-004Richard Furlong reads his clothesline poem while Robbin Mayem and Deborah Roberts look on.

540px-005Laurie Brinklow, finishing the clothesline poem with her piece.

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