Poets Laureate Past & Present Under One Roof

Featured Artists:

  • Deirdre Kessler (PEI Poet Laureate)
  • David Helwig
  • Jane Ledwell (Frank Ledwell’s daughter)
  • John Smith
  • Hugh MacDonald
  • Dianne Hicks Morrow

Time: 4:00 to 5:30pm
Location: The Guild, Charlottetown
Admission: FREE

On Saturday afternoon, May 7, 2016, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m., at The Guild in Charlottetown, there will be a rare opportunity to sight poets, often a reclusive species, who will flock together for a brief period to chirp, tweet, twitter, pipe, and sing.

Prince Edward Island’s current poet laureate, Deirdre Kessler, is ecstatic about gathering the poets laureate together in one room for a group poetry reading. “Buckle up,” she says. “The afternoon poetry reading promises to be a thrilling ride.”

Who are the poets who each will read a few poems? John Smith was Prince Edward Island’s first poet laureate. During his laureateship, John Smith gave a series of dazzling poetry talks and readings entitled “This Hour Has 1338 Years.” He has seven collections of poetry. P.E.I.’s second poet laureate, Frank Ledwell (1930-2008), will be represented by his daughter Jane Ledwell. Frank Ledwell was best known as a teacher of literature and creative writing at UPEI, where he fostered and mentored many Island writing voices. He received the Order of P.E.I. in 2006. David Helwig, P.E.I.’s third poet laureate, moved to the Island from Montreal twenty years ago. Since then he has published twenty books, the most recent a collection of poems called “Keeping Late Hours.” For nine years beginning in 2005 he wrote a monthly column for The BUZZ. Poet, editor, children’s author and novelist Hugh MacDonald of Brudenell was P.E.I.’s fourth poet laureate. “Morgan’s Boat Ride” was his 14th book as author and editor. Dianne Hicks Morrow, the fifth poet laureate, is author of two poetry collections, including “What Really Happened Is This,” which won the 2012 PEI Book Award for poetry. Her latest nonfiction book is “Fixing Up the Farmhouse.”

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