Robert Mercer

Judgment Day

The Dodo Bird with Peter at the Golden Gates,
Looked out upon the line of those in wait:
Lamented for a time, then checked his list,
And called upon the names that Peter missed!

Quagga Zebras, first at call, were welcomed through the Gates;
Their Zebra head and horse behind was strange, but no mistake!
Next in line were Thylacine and Javan Tigers, side by side;
They pawed and scratched their way along, then leaped inside!
The Hartebeests of Bubal fame and Ibex from the Pyrenees,
Walked abreast, at even stride, and in the Gates they squeezed.
And lines of others followed on in endless streams of life, now gone,
Of Golden Toads and Monk Seals, Hawaiian Crows and Giant Swans.
They looked upon the human line and just as quick, moved on!

Patient Peter watched outside, amidst the rising mist;
The Dodo Bird went on and on, admitting all his list.
When Peter asked if none of them had ever done a wrong?
The Dodo Bird, somewhat alarmed, explained what had gone on.

These creatures on my list, he said
Are dead to yours below;
They tried to share their meager bread,
Their flesh and blood, in tow!
Your people killed them, every one,
And millions just for sport and fun!
Until on earth, no more to come!
It seems to me, they didn’t know
That all of us are one!

Then Peter checked his human list;
In tears, which he could not resist,
Heard the screams of helplessness
And realized what he had missed.

There upon this Judgment Day,
He called upon the caring souls,
Welcomed them then backed away;
Looked out upon the rest, irate,
Consulted God then shut the Gates!

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