Ryan Bulger

A to B

Birds in the sky
Flying way up high
Having a Point and a reason
Enjoying the Sky floating with the season
This is what the world needs to believe in.
As your life gets outlined in chalk
Birds and their feathers dont stop
Staying together within a flock
A destination is where they are going
Wing Rhythms keep on Flowing
It is All about getting there before it starts snowing.
Seasons change making it to their destination
if not extreme cold is what they’ll be facin’
Support the Birds and their Creation
Hybernation through Migration.
Everyone must agree
Once the Birds Cannot make it A to B
The End of the world is what you are Going to C
Like a train without its Conductor
We will Lose the Biological Structure
And that is the Reason
Why this is what the world needs to Believe In.

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