Sandra L. Dodge

Sunrise Seeker

The Sun slid in
Over the satin sea.
All over the cove
The beams bounced
Barely touching the mile wide mirror,
Lightly lofting skyward again:



One rough craggy cliff face
Presenting its pockmarked profile
To the rising majesty,
Reflected its lilting light
In a fairy dance
All along its ragged edges.

All along its broken cheeks,
Up and down its fallen lashes
Over the whiskered boundary of its chins
Into the hollowed cave mouth,
Never still a moment,
The fleeting, flickering water fairies danced,
Blessing the cliff face with their
Silver irridescent ballet.

Let it be so with me, Lord.
May I present my
Fallen, broken, craggy self
To Your Beauty,
That Your Dance of Light
Might be seen by many a
Sunrise seeker.

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