Sarah Steele

for sale: broken heart (priceless)

at least when it’s over,
when you acknowledge that it’s over I should say,
you can laugh,
by yourself
if you will
or with the other fools
who were used by their own hearts

as well
when it is over
and you’ve gone back to your former
or present altered self
a fighter jet rips across the empty sky
and leaves behind a steaming message
cloudy puffs exclaim “H O R R A Y !”
you look up and smile for that

as the day goes on the sky becomes
the air gets tighter
as the night closes in for its kill
the sun dies each night
just so the moon can breath

but you’re still alive
so am i
no one’s needing
breathing tubes yet,
maybe not till
we’re seventy and on
our deathbeds
maybe not till we
have a smoker’s cough

maybe not until
a better lover takes
our breath away for the nights
yet to come.

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