Sheila Simpson


I want to push myself harder
Accomplish more
The prison of ignorance I choose to leave behind
Open the future with promise
The future full of possibility
I am but one of many
Who seeks self-security
Security in my own ability to provide
I seek education
not in one field of knowledge but many
I am a sponge,
I need to absorb knowledge from my world, and all that
My world consists of
I want to pass on
to those that are willing, freedom,
Freedom of knowledge
For tomorrow is our future, today our stepping stone
Do we stumble or step forward
All in all
Each choice is a step toward the fulfillment
Of our beliefs, beliefs which have been compiled
From the environment of our past,
Family, friends, educators, employers.
If we are to succeed we are to let go of the negative
We are here because we seek freedom.
We are to build upon what we know as truth
We seek to better not only ourselves but the world of those around us.
Today we move on with determination of a solid tomorrow

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