Shirley Limbert

red lips that smile

another damp dreary day
rain falling on my face
like sharp needles pricking my skin
raincoat shines in glow from city dump

the mannequin smiles as I pass
smiles every day at me
her beautiful neon pink hair
coiffed in up-to-the-minute style

long legs, with impractical high heels
reach all the way up, as the saying goes
no sign of genitalia other than
a pink smudge, no neon pink here

arms like dancers arabesques
ending in fingers that have never
touched a keyboard
nor worn a ring, nor held a hand

the lithe body leans to the right
hips forward, tummy tight
her waist although jointed, must be
an impossible sixteen inches

the well-padded lace-trimmed bra
doubles her bust size
making non-existent nipples
hardly worth mentioning

slender neck, willows backwards
her eyes are hard, black, dull
eyelashes curl and tiny earrings sparkle
in the shell-like ears

I feel she knows that I adore her
look for her where she lies
amongst the dumpster’s rubbish
with those red lips that smile at me

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