Stephen Lewis receives Symons Medal and gives Symons Lecture at Confederation Centre of the Arts, Nov. 21.

After Dianne read the poem she wrote for Stephen, at the gala dinner, he came over to her table to thank her. She gave him her copy, to his delight.

This is what she read that night:

When I read in the description of Stephen Lewis’s lecture that A Socialist Takes Stock promises to “convey his views on the contemporary Canadian political dynamic, in uncompromising terms,” I knew what I needed to do:

Taking Stock of a Socialist, an S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-T

S: Stephen’s sincerity, undeniable-
whether we agree with him or not
we believe that HE believes.

O: Obstinacy to leave this world a better place-
named in Forbes Magazine among the World’s
Most Powerful Feminists by Eve Ensler.

C: Compromising, he is not-
the professorial type, sometimes prim, sometimes edgy,
his “uncompromising terms” infused today’s lecture.

I: Intention, unwavering-
to create real change for the disenfranchised,
always the passionate humanitarian.

A: Altruism-
hard to imagine a better example than Stephen-
ethical politics, unflinching advocate for society’s ignored.

L: Loving-kindness-
never showing bitterness, despite the injustice
he’s witnessed world-wide.

I: Inability-
to utter an inarticulate sentence.
His sentences are poetic paragraphs of clarity.

S: Smart man, he was-
and still is, to marry Michele Landsberg, who made him a feminist.
Just imagine the scintillating talk at their family table.

T: Time Stephen has given-70 years and counting,
His parents named him Sholem-the Yiddish word for ‘peace’.
Born on Armistice Day, Peace for All is his life’s crusade.

—Dianne Hicks Morrow

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