Submit a poem

PEI residents can use this page to submit a poem to the webmaster of this site (one poem to each poet, to be replaced every three months if the poet wishes).

Formatting hints

Either write your poem directly into the window or copy/paste from a word processing program — it will be imported as plain text without formatting.

Line breaks will be preserved as submitted (if you have very long lines, please ignore the wrapping effect inside the editing window — line breaks will only occur where you have put them).

You can mark words or lines as bold by typing a * at the beginning and end of the section you want boldfaced. You can similarly mark italics by using the _ character.

Poems can be submitted in English or French.

Submission form

NB: if your current address is not in Prince Edward Island, please attach a note explaining your connection to the province. This can go after the text of your poem in the large input box below.

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